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Welcoming Statement

We at Shalom Community Church strive to fulfill a vision of shalom, to embody the love, compassion and justice of Jesus in our personal and community journeys. Without exception, all who share this vision are welcome to participate in the full life of the church. We value the creative tension and the strength that result from sharing differences in beliefs within the community and we are committed to pilgrimage peacefully, simply, together.

Paul, Apostle of Liberty

Paul Versluis

"Paul an apostle—sent neither by human commission nor from human authorities, but through Jesus Christ and God the Father, who raised him from the dead . . . "

"I have been sent by God and not by any human authority.  I have been commissioned by Jesus and not by some council or committee."  I tend to think that people who make statements like this are fruitcakes.  They claim too much.  One can be put off by what may feel like spiritual arrogance.

But I was raised an evangelical, and one benefit of this upbringing is that I was wired with a basic trust of the text.  So, I am inclined to give Paul the benefit of the doubt. What he is saying is not arrogance but humility.  Read more

Sunday Worship and Fellowship at Delhi Park

It's been a tradition at Shalom to show our appreciation for God's creation by having worship and fellowship in the midst of it.  This summer we will do so twice, once on Sunday, July 13, and again on Sunday, August 10.  Each time we will gather at 11:00 at a reserved pavilion at Delhi Park (there's a small entry fee).  Then we'll have our normal service and a potluck picnic (the food is awesome!).  All are invited, especially those new to Shalom.  It's a great way to meet folks and get to know them.