A Mennonite and Church of the Brethren Congregation


In keeping with Anabaptist tradition, we consider ourselves a congregation of many voices. We teach each other. Below are some sermons given within our congregation. We hope you will find these messages enlightening and gain some insight into our expression of faith.

Answering the Call (Mary Miller)
Attentiveness (Katie Chappell-Lakin)
How I have experienced God or each other creating shalom (peace) on this journey (Peter Boeve, Jesse Kauffman, Deb Landis Lewis, Curtis Weaverdyck, Steve Thomas)
First Fruits Festival Celebration (Nelson Shantz, Danny Hollander, Deb Landis Lewis, Steve Thomas)
Friends of Restorative Justice (Mary Miller, Bryan Miller, Ruth Shantz)
Threads of Mission in the Fabric of Shalom(Nelson & Ruth Shantz)
Serving God's Mission of Shalom(Steve Thomas)
Is This Mine? (Michelle Webster-Hein)
Righting Relationships (Joy Versluis)
25 Years in a Prison Classroom (Judy Wenzel)
From Peace Without to Peace Within (Grace Kotre)
Paul's Letter to the Church in Philippi (Martha Showalter)
The Purple Letter and First Thessalonians (John Kotre)
In a Mirror Dimly(Laura Brubacher)
A Rhetorical Wander Through the Common Good (Don Thackrey)
Roosters for the Common Good (Trevor Bechtel)
Mat 24-25 Parable of the Talents (Bryan Miller)
Finding God in All Things (John Kotre)
Voices (Nelson Shantz)
Where To Begin?: Facing the Challenges of Aging in our Community (Dan Hollander)
My Awakenings (Bryan Miller)
Creation Care (Paul Versluis)