A Mennonite and Church of the Brethren Congregation


The Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.  (Genesis 1:2)

Art, music, poetry, and stories are in the air at Shalom, helping us explore both the divine mystery and our own humanity.  We draw on the work of others, but we also nurture the talents of our own.  Here is a sample of what our congregants have produced.

Shalom's Quilt "Intersections"

Care Quilt "Interwoven" 

Christmas Fiction
First Fruits by Joy Versluis
The Statue by Michelle Webster-Hein
Following the Star by Nelson Shantz

Of Every Creature, a CD release from the Anabaptist Bestiary Project, directed by Trevor Bechtel


Making a Prairie by Don Thackrey
"Apple of Heaven" and Other Poems by Janet Reedy

Litany for Mothers
by Roxanne Cross
Litany for Fathers
by Roxanne Cross

Science and Religion
The Idea Waiting to be Born
by John Kotre

The Story of Everything by John Kotre