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Position Description:



November 2021

For a 1.0 FTE pastor (There is currently a .2 FTE teaching pastor who will work with this full time pastor.)


This position assumes that this pastor will have skills, training, and/or experience in pastoral care, working with families and youth, a history of collaboration with other organizations, a desire for or history of active engagement with the wider community on issues of social justice, basic administrative skills, training in spiritual formation, knowledge of Anabaptist theology, and a passion for living God’s word joyfully, prayerfully, confidently, and prophetically. 



  • Facilitate Sunday morning worship services with an emphasis on individual and group spiritual growth, and help the congregation apply Anabaptist theology in the context of local and world events. Provide primary input (worship planning and preaching) for approximately 50% to 75% of worship services. 
  • As a standing member of the Worship Committee, participate in planning long-term worship goals and serve as a resource person for other worship leaders in the congregation. The Worship Committee is responsible for working with the pastor to plan the worship services.
  • Acknowledge rites of passage and rituals in worship. 
  • Participate in making worship content accessible physically and virtually, including helping the congregation to continue offering hybrid worship options.
  • Take initiative for providing opportunities for children and youth to participate in worship services. 


  • Offer individual spiritual counseling (e.g. pre-baptismal and premarital sessions). 
  • Provide pastoral care and support ongoing and as needed for congregants through all life stages. 
  • Take initiative to engage in an ongoing relationship with individual congregants and families and to reach out to individuals and families to identify needs, gifts, avenues of service and action, and to offer support. 
  • Facilitate communication and opportunities for support among families within the congregation to encourage families to reach out and help each other.
  • Provide occasional leadership in the adult, youth, and children’s education programs, e.g., Bible study, small groups, special discussion issues, spiritual disciplines, Anabaptist history and theology introductory course, etc. 
  • As a standing member of the Congregational Life Committee, stay in touch with the needs within the congregation both individually and corporately, providing resources, referrals, counsel, or visitation as needed or requested.


  • Help discern and bring to life congregational passions, including identifying needs and opportunities to engage in service and social justice with the wider community. Encourage the congregation to be informed about and respond to these needs, emphasizing God’s call to actively pursue peace and justice. 
  • Be an active and visible representative of Shalom Community Church and provide an Anabaptist perspective to the local interfaith community. 
  • Assist the congregation in welcoming people new to the church and make contact with referred newcomers to the area. 
  • Help shape Shalom’s online presence, including social media and on the website.


  • Maintain an overview of necessary tasks and functions within the congregation and work with designated individuals or committees toward execution of these tasks. 
  • Be a principal contact person with district and national Church of the Brethren and Mennonite conferences and other selected institutions (e.g., seminaries). Attend Central District Conference conferences and pastor peer group meetings. Alternate attendance at national Church of the Brethren and Mennonite conventions. 
  • Attend to agreed-upon church office communication functions, e.g. coordinate the organization and dissemination of the Sunday morning bulletin, etc. 
  • Serve as a standing member of the Coordinating Council, Worship, and Congregational Life Committees and be a liaison among them, helping to identify communication needs among committees and individuals. 

Children & Youth 

  • Bring a welcoming, nurturing spirit to engagement with children and youth. 
  • Ensure appropriate congregational recognition for the major milestones in the lives of children and youth. 
  • Identify resources that meet the wide range of needs among children, youth and parents.
  • Attend youth events quarterly and help oversee youth programs and education/spiritual formation. Offer spiritual mentorship and resources to youth. 


The pastor is encouraged to play a participatory role in church life, just as other members do, and not limit participation in church functions to a strictly pastoral role. The pastor will work approximately 40-45 hours per week for Shalom, based on a 1.0 FTE and guidelines from Central District Conference (which suggest pastors may responsibly volunteer 5 hours per week).


  • Work effectively as part of a pastoral team (with the .2 FTE teaching pastor) by connecting and communicating with each other to offer leadership to the church. 
  • Encourage all participants to use their gifts to the fullest in their own lives and in the life of the church. 
  • Demonstrate a willingness to explore various forms of worship, leadership, and congregational life. 
  • Show sensitivity to diversity, theologically and otherwise, amongst individuals within the congregation.
  • Be a facilitator who models servant leadership with an appreciation and understanding of group dynamics and communication. 


Congregational Commitments 

  • Beyond the pastoral role, accept the pastor and their family as active participants of the congregation. 
  • Pray regularly for the pastor and their family. 
  • Provide adequate financial support. 
  • Provide constructive counsel to and accept counsel from the pastor.
  • Engage in a yearly review of the pastor’s work. 
  • Provide time for spiritual renewal, vacation, personal and family needs, and opportunity for professional growth and development (e.g., sabbatical). 
  • Partner with the pastor to faithfully live into the mission and vision of the congregation that God continues to draw us toward.

Logistical Commitments 

  • The congregation will provide the pastor with the necessary equipment (e.g., telephone with voicemail, computer and printer/copier) to facilitate communication responsibilities. 
  • The Pastoral Review Committee, in conjunction with the Finance Committee, will develop a salary and benefits package consistent with the guidelines of the Mennonite Church USA and Church of the Brethren denominations and keeping in mind the local cost of living. 
  • Changes in the pastoral job description resulting from any congregational restructuring will be negotiated with the pastor and an appropriate committee(s) within the congregation.