Congregational Life Committee (CLC)
CLC provides three services. The first is to provide support, feedback and counsel to the pastor. The second is to coordinate the mission/vision of Shalom Community Church. Finally, CLC members try to be attentive to the community in order to identify needs that may be unmet and take action where needed.

Discernment Committee
The Discernment Committee helps identify gifts in ministry and calls persons to do the work of the church through service on committees.

Education Committee
The Education Committee organizes Sunday school curriculum and personnel for the congregation’s young children, youth, and adults.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee monitors the financial affairs of the congregation and prepares its annual budget.

Nurture Committee
The Nurture Committee provides support and encouragement to the congregation during life transitions and celebrations, and facilitates opportunities for relationship-building (e.g., small groups, potlucks, and other gatherings).

Pastoral Review Committee
The Pastoral Review Committee facilitates a review process between the congregation and the pastor.

Service & Outreach Committee
The Service & Outreach Committee kindles interest in and coordinates opportunities to foster peace and care for the poor, the marginalized, and God’s creation by creating pathways into the wider community.

Worship Committee
The Worship Committee organizes worship services. Participants are encouraged to explore their gifts in the services.