Procedures around sexual abuse in the congregation.

Published by Trevor Bechtel on

Shalom is currently developing a more detailed list of procedures for responding to reports of abuse. We recognize that the local church is not competent to adjudicate reports of abuse.

These accountability structures are in place at Shalom :

  • The pastors are charged with pastoral care, and this includes hearing reports of abuse.
  • Pastors at Shalom are accountable to both a conference minister and Shalom’s Congregational Life Committee.

The conference minister is Doug Luginbill  

The members of the Congregational Life Committee (CLC) include Priscilla Chamberlain and Scott Hein.

The Congregational Life Committee (CLC) has as one of its charges to address issues which don’t have an obvious place at Shalom. So if anyone is unsure of who to make a report of abuse to, a member of CLC is always appropriate.

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