D. Congregational Priorities for Shalom

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Shalom participants place a high value on community, spiritual renewal, social justice and outreach. These four aims represent our congregational priorities.

Community: We value fellowship with one another through mutual support, public sharing and reflection, small group gatherings, shared meals, celebration and help during life’s transitions and other recreation. Children are valued and included in the life of the congregation.

Spiritual Renewal: Our Sunday service is experienced by many as a time of personal renewal and worship, and as such is key to our ability to faithfully live out our lives in pursuit of peaceful living and service in our relationships and work.

Social Justice: Shalom values working together to advocate for equality, creation care, non-violence and other acts of social justice and service.

Outreach: Shalom desires to be a public voice for social justice in our local community and a people known for loving community and meaningful service.

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