E. Vision Narrative for Shalom

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Shalom Community Church is a vital and significant presence in the lives of its participants, and a blessing to the communities it serves and touches. We strive to embody divine love, humility, justice, and compassion, following in the example of Jesus. We work together to discern what this means for Shalom as a community and for ourselves as individuals.

We are a persistent loving presence in each other’s lives and draw out each other’s gifts. We live intentionally, responsibility, simply and joyfully with gratitude and purpose. We promote peace, justice, reconciliation and compassion. We will serve and care for others and the earth, especially those who are hurting, hungry, poor, or marginalized. The projects we take on will be guided by the gifts and passions of our participants. We are a flexible community, listening to one another with open hearts, humbly and respectfully expecting our beliefs and priorities to be responsive to revelation. We welcome the participation of all who share this vision of journeying together.

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